All About Beekeeping

At All About Beekeeping we are passionate about sharing our love of bees and the natural world.

Our aim is to support all walks of beekeepers, and share the beekeeping journey, with Apiarists and the wider bee loving community.

We strive to supply top quality products, with a focus on local, Australian made, sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

We are located in Diamond Creek, VIC

About me

I am passionate about beekeeping and all it has to offer. I stive to encourage and support others in beekeeping. From newbees to Queenbees

I started beekeeping the same way as many others, with absolutely no clue what I was getting into.

I got a hive and I read a book. I took a class and got another hive. I extracted my first batch of honey. I read another book and got another hive. More hives, more books, more honey. I joined a club, I made bee friends new and old and that was it bees took over my life.

As my passion for bees grows so does my list of benefits of beekeeping. I really enjoying being able to share this journey with others while learning from the wealth of knowledge in the bee community.

Bees have a way of connecting things. Connect people, connecting back to nature. Bees teach you to be calm, to slow down take in the world around you and feel at one with the environment.

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